Baddee Signature Candle, Guava Cardamom 9oz - Baddee

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Baddee is made to bring invoke dark feminine energy. The energy in Divine Feminine that is alluring and magnetic, confident empowering female spirit. In men, it connects them to their love for the feminine. It will only build masculine energy, reminding them of the beauty of their opposite. Scent Profile: Fruity/Sour Guava Cardamom Top: Pink Guava, Black Cardamom Middle: Orchid, Plumeria Dew, Amber Base: Palm Wood, Cypress, Vetiver, Musk This batch was stirred with rose and mugwort and charged with snow quartz and moonstone submerged in full moon water in the sign of Sagittarius. rose: brings romanticism and self-love, for radiance mugwort: ally to feminine drive: invoke the goddess snow quartz: for emotional stability and sensual purity moonstone: amplifies sixth senses and psychic control Double Fragrance Formula Coco Apricot Beeswax Blend Renewable/Biodegradable Wax Beeswax is Cruelty-free and Ethically Sourced Crackling Wood-wick Toxin-Free Phthalate Free Carcinogen Free Sustainable Packaging Recycled Spanish Glass Jar Hand Poured in Miami