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Beautiful classic silver with pink flowers tea cup and saucer with scented soy candle 2.1 oz or empty. Perfect for Birthday gifts, Bridal Shower, Garden Tea Party. • 100% SOY WAX: Natural vegetable-based wax, don’t let toxins get in to your house, Soy wax is free of toxic chemicals, enjoy a cleaner and longer burn with reduction in soot and improved fragrance loading.. non-toxic, biodegradable, and vegan. • STRONG YET GENTLE SCENT: Evoke memories and emotions, we have selected intense fragrances with exceptional performance and free of toxins (phthalate-free). • HAND CRAFTED IN THE USA: Hand-poured in small batches with carefully selected raw materials locally produced with a responsible and sustainable supply chain. • ECO-FRIENDLY FEATURES: Compostable Labels produced in America, vegetable wax from American-grown soybeans: most growers participate in certified and audited sustainability and conservation programs, non toxic fragrances, reusable and recyclable containers. • WE CARE: We care about the well-being of our customers and the effects that our products will have in them and We care for our planet and we understand the impact of our decisions as manufacturers. The candle store that's inspiring customers to reach their better self! Essences GREEN TEA AND LEMONGRASS: Stimulating Citrus and Herbal fragrance to raise your energy levels Benefits: Green tea: > Stimulating > Recharge energies > Relieves physical fatigue Lemongrass: Pungent and tangy citrus scent > Activates the immune system > Purifies > Destroy bad odors > Repellent > Has soothing properties CITRON AND MANDARIN: Citrus fragrance to increase joy and creativity Citron: Citrus Aroma > Refresh, heal and clean > Purifies > Promotes peace at home > Induce comforting feelings Tangerine: Sweet, citrus and warm aroma > Antiseptic > Stimulating > Improves joy and creativity > Good character > Willingness to live and create LAVENDER AND CHAMOMILE: Soothing, gentle and aromatic herbal blend to help reduce stress levels Benefits: Lavender: Fresh and floral scent > Balancing and calming > Anti-stress > Create an atmosphere of tranquility and peace > Relaxing, soothing Chamomile: Pleasant, sweet and fresh aroma > Calming and sedative > Relieves stress > Improves tensions > Helps to clear the mind > Increase creativity and imagination JASMINE TEA: Scented with the aroma of jasmine blossoms to increase optimism and self esteem > Increases self-esteem > Increase optimism > Protect home from bad energies > Stimulating study environments > Aphrodisiac WHITE TEA: Fresh, smooth and fruity fragrance that helps you to release stress levels and find peace > Helps us find calm and peace > Anti-stress > Helps to prevent insomnia ORANGE & HONEY: Makes you feel like you are in the middle of a field of orange blossoms. > Helps us to create a positive mood > Refreshing citrus burst > This fragrance oil is infused with natural orange essential oil VANILLA: The scent of vanilla is not only identified with warmth, softness and caring but also evokes feelings of purity and simplicity > Classic for any room, any time of year > Notes of vanilla bean, buttercream, and cake are rounded out by a hint of bourbon