BLOOM Vegan Candle - TWO2GUYS
BLOOM Vegan Candle - TWO2GUYS

BLOOM Vegan Candle - TWO2GUYS

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A mint hand painted Candle Jar.
This Candle is a "feel Good " "excellent scent with the perfect symphony of floral ,fruit and spice impacting your environment and energizing and uplifting your senses. The blossoms of the bitter orange "Neroli " and jasmines a blend of floral and citrus with a hint of wildness promotes love and passion for great memories of Romance.

Top Notes:  Petitgrain + Bergamot

Heart Notes::  Jasmine + Neroli + Orange Blossom

Bottom Notes:  Sandalwood 

Our candle wick is a flat braided cotton wick with paper threads woven into the cotton. The reinforced construction of the wick is designed to ensure a consistent burn with higher fragrance loads, especially with softer, more viscous natural waxes.
Note: Any carbon buildup should be removed once the wick is extinguished

Burn Time : Approx. 120 hours
​3 Wick Cotton & paper (lead free)
16 Oz / 454 Grams