Carey the turtle
Carey the turtle
Carey the turtle
Carey the turtle

Carey the turtle

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Description: Carey is a handcrafted toy. She embodied the love for seas and nature; he was made in Venezuela with much love.

Composition: 100 % Recycled Material. We make the most of designers' fabric supposed to go to landfills, giving them a second chance.

Coloring book: you can color the book while you enjoy the story of how Carey was born.

Fabric Type:
 Always different. All of them are one of a kind.

Care: It will depend on the fabric, but a dry clean generally would work.

Fit: For every person that wants to support fair trade and nutrition in Venezuela.

Designed and sustainably sourced and ethically made in Venezuela by local seamstresses.

We are the first B-certified corporation in Venezuela, redefining the meaning of business success.