Eco-Savvy Traveler Guidebook
Eco-Savvy Traveler Guidebook

Eco-Savvy Traveler Guidebook

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The "Eco-Savvy Traveler Guidebook" - Available from July 28th - on World Nature Conservation Day


After traveling to fifty-three countries as a costume design coordinator with Cirque du Soleil, environmentalist Luana Ouverney shares her experience on how to maintain an eco-friendly lifestyle as a traveler. While on tour with the circus she saw our environment being degraded by plastic pollution and the substantial impact of tourism and fashion industries on waste production.


The Eco-Savvy Traveler Guidebook is the perfect companion for eco-enthusiasts who want to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle and maintain that lifestyle while on the road. It also offers guidance and recommendations for those who aspire to join the cause to stop plastic pollution.


This guide is not just a compilation of personal experiences and eco-friendly tips for a more sustainable lifestyle, but also a beautifully illustrated work of art designed by Abha Aggarwal, one of the local collaborators to the circus tour in India. The short and sweet read is perfect for a couple of hours on a road trip or a chill hammock reading. 


With chapters explaining what sustainability is and why it is so important, practical tips such as, "Travel Light, Pack Right," "How to be a more sustainable fashion consumer," and a Pledge for the Planet, Luana Ouverney invites readers to rethink their lifestyle, relationships, careers, expenses, and habits while contributing to and raising awareness to help humanity find a way to live in peace with nature. Extra pages allow the reader to make notes of their favorite eco-restaurants and places and list their biggest challenges and achievements as an eco-friendly traveler.


Be part of the solution by recycling, repurposing, and minimizing your ecological footprint and your consumption by making better choices, therefore building an eco-friendly lifestyle.

The author, Luana Ouverney, a World-traveling Costume Designer with Cirque du Soleil shares her globetrotter experiences and eco-lifestyle while on tour. The guidebook is informative, beautifully illustrated, and sends a strong message to its readers!


Luana is a fashion designer and environmentalist with an unstoppable spirit. During six years working for Cirque du Soleil as Head of Costume, visiting fifty-three countries, she witnessed the impact of plastic pollution. In 2019, she founded Lutom, an eco-friendly lifestyle brand encouraging conscious consumption. With her book, she invites readers to learn a more sustainable lifestyle and maintain that lifestyle while on the road.