Fallin' Apart Pain easing Hemp Roll On
Fallin' Apart Pain easing Hemp Roll On

Fallin' Apart Pain easing Hemp Roll On

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Get back to your best with the powerful Fallin' Apart Hemp Extract Pain Relief Roll On by Urban's Edge!

Established in 2016, Urban's Edge is a Woman-owned company that is entirely family run. The origin of our company starts with our founder who faced a health challenge that left her lost, exhausted and hopeless. Instead of waiting for a miracle, she decided to go and make one herself! By searching for alternative ways to improve her health and life, she stumbled upon the incredible benefits of essential oils. By soothing pains all over the world with these essential oils, she has been able to help thousands of others live a more productive, naturally healthy life. We'd love to add you to that list!

Our hemp topical for pain is overflowing with Pain-Relieving benefits...

Hemp, reduce inflammation of pained areas

Essential Oils, fast absorbing therapeutic benefits

Reiki-Charged Crystals, energy-infused gemstones to promote healing

Mess-Free, roll on applicator ideal for any situation

And so much more!

Our Edge Blend Essential Oils are carefully selected to provide the best possible relief…

Peppermint, a refreshingly sweet scent and cooling menthol pain relief 

Eucalyptus, provides a warming and cooling sensation

Rosemary, helps to ease muscle pain

Ginger Root, reduce exercise and everyday stressors

Hemp, contains anti-inflammatory compounds

Black pepper, ease aches and pains directly

Aloe Vera, helps to effectively deliver a soothing effect


For head discomfort: Apply roll on to forehead, back of neck, wrist pulse points and palms. Then inhale deeply 10 times for pain and tension release.

For other discomfort: Apply to the entire area where discomfort is taking place, ie. joints 

This natural pain relief roll on with hemp on is the premium solution to ease your aches and pains!

Feel like you're forever searching for a quick-application pain relief cream roll on that utilizes the universal benefits of hemp to comfort your body whenever pain strikes whilst providing a refreshing scent? We use premium essential oils, aloe vera and Reiki-Charged crystals in our hemp topical pain relief muscle reliever for a fast-acting, lightweight, non-greasy and therapeutic experience every time. Plus, a little goes a long way!