Lāmpsi Pnēvma Complex
Lāmpsi Pnēvma Complex

Lāmpsi Pnēvma Complex

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Description: Radiate, glow, and restore your youth with our Lāmpsi Luxurious Face Cream with collagen and nutrient-rich formula perfect for all skin types.

Product Description:

With thousands of options out there, choosing the best skincare product for you can be very cumbersome. If you are in the market looking out for the best skincare product as your staple beauty regimen, then you have come to the right place. We are here to help!

Our ancient mythology-inspired Lampsi Luxurious Face Cream is the real deal when it comes to skincare. Our luxurious moisturiser is suitable for all skin types and designed to protect the skin from the delicate process of aging.

We cannot stop aging and that is a fact. Many aging consumers are willing to undergo extremely expensive anti-aging treatments from experts. But, we can always engage in beauty rituals right inside the comfort of our home without the need to go outside.

Therefore, Alchemy of Wisdom dedicates itself to providing women the most reliable and exquisite luxurious face cream that is designed to rejuvenate  youthful skin and protect  from free radical stress at the same time. We reunite ancient history, nature, and modern science in all our products.


We take pride in our key ingredients such as progeline for skin protection, heptapeptide 8 complex for retexture, Vitamin C for skin brightening, Marine collagen to promote collagen synthesis, hyaluronic acid to hydrate and rejuvenate your skin, CoQ10 to protect you from free radical stress, and all the necessary vitamins and antioxidants you need to achieving optimal healthy skin.

Our Lampsi Luxurious Face Cream also contains certified organic pomegranate seed and Sea Buckthorn CO2 oils that are vital to assisting you with skin repair. We believe once you make the commitment  to purchase Lāmpsi formula you won’t have any regrets because this is a product that truly delivers, we are very transparent and we use natural plant botanical extracts only.

All our products are extremely safe to use for everyone because we only use nutrient-rich and organic ingredients. Lampsi Luxurious Facial Cream is sulphate free, paraben free, lanolin free, mineral oil free, artificial colour free, artificial fragrance free, and SLS free.

Our cream also has Vitamin B3 essential to enhance cell barrier function resulting in overall healthier looking, toned skin, Vitamin B5 to condition and promote extra hydration, and a nature lift ability to tighten and support your skin for an overall lifted effect.

All these ingredients result in beautiful skin illumination just like the sun and shiny gold flakes of purity - which is quintessential to the existence of beauty rituals and alchemy during the ancient times.

Lampsi is designed to target fine lines and wrinkles and refine and nourish all skin types leaving them soft, dewy, and absolutely radiant.

Ancient Egyptian Cosmetics-Inspired:

The word Lapsi means to radiate and glow from within and throughout in Greek. Greeks are big lovers of physical beauty and our product is highly inspired by the ancient Egyptian Sun God Ra who represents vitality, love, and beauty.

Ancient Egyptian makeups were studied to have excellent components that can boost not just one’s beauty and glow, but also improve and protect their health.

Thousands of years later, the Egyptian beauty rituals have paved their way into the modern beauty world and here at Alchemy of Wisdom Botanical Skincare, we have incorporated their philosophy of beauty to help all women radiate and rejuvenate the skin while making sure they are safe from all environmental stressors, pollution, and even from adverse lifestyle factors.



"I call upon the divine Sun God Ra..

May you shine your bright light upon all impurities, within and throughout..

Ra.. Amun-ra sun god, show me wisdom, truth and love".



For application, use Lampsi Luxurious Facial Cream every morning and evening. Wash and clean your face thoroughly including your neck and dé·colle·té using a gentle sweeping motion. Do not scrub your skin hard for it will damage. Gently apply it in an upwards direction and avoid the eye area.

Just after your first application of our luxurious cream, you can easily and immediately notice an exponential change in your skin when it comes to smoothness. Our facial cream hydrates intensely and gives you a youthful plump complexion.

It is perfect for all skin types - dry, oily, normal, sensitive.

Our main goal is to provide top of the line and genuinely luxurious cream that everyone will highly benefit from and not just another media-hype with a lavish name. Lampsi is the real deal.

Glow and radiate like you never did before with our Lampsi Luxurious Face Cream. It will surely become a staple in your beauty regimen. Order yours now and witness that this luxurious cream is worth the splurge!