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I T E M ✨I made these crystal glass jars with the intent to fill them with things that bring you joy✨ These jars are encrusted with a rose quartz on a cork lid. Rose quartz helps restore trust and harmony in all different kinds of relationships while improving their close connections. It also helps provide comfort and calm during times of grief. Each jar includes 1 palo santo, 1 selenite & lavender. Palo santo; to cleanse & purify your space. Selenite; to clear your aura & uplift your energy. Lavender; to help promote calmness & wellness. You may fill them with your smudging tools, bath salts, medicinal plants, etc. Charged under a full moon 🌕✨ S I Z E Size listed below is of the glass jar without lid. Due to variations in crystals final size will vary. Every crystal is different & will vary in color. SMALL: 4.2” tall x 2” wide holds 5oz MEDIUM: 5” tall x 2” wide holds 6oz LARGE: 6.1” tall x 2” wide holds 9oz [jars are also available in amethyst, quartz, Angel Aura, Smokey quartz & floral]