Rose - Shea + Coconut

Rose - Shea + Coconut

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"The more you love roses the more you must bear with thorns."

Smell the roses with this exhilarating body butter made with a soft pink coloring. This jar of butter is a floral wonderland mixed with Rose Absolute oil and Lavender. These two scents combined evoke a sense calm and serenity.  Lavender is a flowering plant and is a familiar scent to many for its fresh, sweet scent and relaxing qualities. It has a tranquil aroma that is remarkably soothing. It is often used for insomnia and symptoms created from anxiety and stress.

Rose Absolute is the true star in this body butter. Essential oils have a frequency that starts at 52 MHz and go as high as 320 MHz, according to a scientific study by Bruce Taino. Rose oil was discovered to have a  frequency of 320 MHz. Our bodies in a healthy state have a frequency of about 62-78 MHz, and in a disease state drops to 58 MHz. Placing and putting high-frequency ingredients in and on our bodies helps us maintain or increase our frequency (energy) levels ensuring we stay healthy. Rose absolute scent  also lasts longer than most essential oils, and is usually better for more mature skin. 

The more you learn about the oils plants produce, the more appreciation you have for all of creation. For instance, a rose, known for enduring love, also produces an oil that helps reduce the signs of aging in skin, because of its therapeutic compounds like Eugenol, which is a powerful antioxidant found in some plants, giving you access to a youthful appearance longer. Enduring love, and enduring skin, all in one plant.

Another star ingredient in this body butter is Pink Kaolin Clay, a mix of kaolin and red clay, an iron rich mineral material, helping to revitalize tired, dull skin. It’s perfect for all skin types.


Our refil jars come without a label


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