SEXY BLACK DRESS Classic Vegan Candle 16 Oz - TWO2GUYS

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Our luxurious candles are hand poured by skilled artisans in Miami, FL. They are infused with a unique blend of butters, essential oils and natural fragrances (phthalate free), using pure components, recycled jars and a cotton wick (lead free) for a clean burn, making them safe, wearable as a moisturizing massage oil. Lighting one of our candles will help you create new memorable moments that will last as a unique expression of your life. Inspired by the sophistication and confident that empower you to become better“Qualities that emerges at any moment in life”. Sensual - Romantic - Elegant Makes this our sexiest alluring signature candle. The top composition notes of blood orange, vetiver and white carnation leads to the perfect encounter of a heart accord of black roses, vanilla, sandalwood, Egyptian musk and a whisper of patchouli adding depth and binds all the ingredients, enhancing freshness and luxury to your home. Olfactory Notes Top: Vanilla + Vetiver + Egyptian Musk Middle: Sandalwood + Black Rose + Patchouli Bottom: Blood Orange + Carnation