Shadow Candle - Baddee

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Shield your space, set warning and strong intention for warding off intrusion. Fuel your field with angelic and ancestral realms, bringing protection and permission for defense. This candle is meant to deflect spiritual malice and banish wrongdoing from your path while creating a strong impression on enemies. It will also trigger shadow work and protection inward to allow any clearing of any self-inflicted sabotage. Deep notes of sweet wood mend with honey and warm spices, filling the room with comfort of luxury. Scent Profile: Wood/Sweet/Spice SPICED APPLEWOOD Top: Middle: Base: mal This batch was stirred with cinnamon, clove powder and hawthorne then charged with smoky quartz and shungite submerged in full moon water. patchouli: for calming cumin and cinnamon: for soothing and regeneration clove powder: for clearing and cultivating peace hawthorne: calm and relax bodily and mental tension smoky quartz: clear the mind and strengthen the spirit shungite: release dense draining energies and ground Double Fragrance Formula Coco Apricot Beeswax Blend Renewable/Biodegradable Wax Beeswax is Cruelty-free and Ethically Sourced Crackling Wood-wick Toxin-Free Phthalate Free Carcinogen Free Sustainable Packaging Recycled Spanish Glass Jar Hand Poured in Miami