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I T E M These jars are encrusted with Smokey Quartz on a cork lid. This crystal helps you to connect to the energy of the kundalini, assisting one to reach higher states of enlightenment + create an energetic shift in the physical + spiritual body. A powerful protective stone. Each jar includes 1 palo santo, 1 selenite & lavender. Palo santo; to cleanse & purify your space. Selenite; to clear your aura & uplift your energy. Lavender; to help promote calmness & wellness. You may fill them with your smudging tools, bath salts, medicinal plants, etc. Charged under a full moon 🌕✨ S I Z E Size listed below is of the glass jar without lid. Due to variations in crystals final size will vary. (Pictures are for reference only) SMALL: 4.2” tall x 2” wide holds 5oz MEDIUM: 5” tall x 2” wide holds 6oz LARGE: 6.1” tall x 2” wide holds